Is Skype Going to Block Domestic and Local Voice Calls?

Is Skype Going to Block Domestic and Local Voice Calls?

Skype is the most popular form of voice communication over the internet. For years, it has served scores of people in communicating. And the Indians, who have always had a fetish for free stuff, made good use of this opportunity. But unfortunately, that is going to be pulled off.

There is word that users of Skype in India will very soon not be able to make calls to mobiles and landlines that are based within the country. This feature will be made unavailable from 10th of November. This is surely going to decrease the usefulness of the messaging service and cross-platform call. So far, Skype has made no official statement giving any reason to state why it will be abandoning local voice calls.

But the users of Skype in India will be able to make calls to mobile phones and landlines that are based abroad. On the other hand, customers of Skype from other nations will be able to continue calling numbers that are based within India.

Skype did mention in its support page that if any of their customers have bought the subscription for India, especially for use within the country, then they will need to cancel their subscription so as to avoid further billing in future. Skype has also added in its statement a warning its customers to keep in mind that prior to the 10th of November, subscribers with India included in their plan and Skype credit can still call within India and asked people to make sure that they use up all the remaining credit and minutes they have before that.

But, this will not stop the people of India from using Skype for making calls to other users of Skype and to make calls to international landlines and mobiles. Apart from this, people out of India will also be able to use their Skype app for making calls to landline and mobile numbers within their respective countries after the 10th of November.

There was no explanation that was given by Microsoft, the makers of Skype for this change made. But, the voice calls made on the mobile phones in India have become extremely cheap where some carriers have offered a mere $5 for a month and even lower rates for all their other services.

The good news is that users can make calls with the use of ‘Skype To Go’ for local calls. This service shall help with the conversion of international numbers into local numbers that allows users to avoid charges of long distance. Even though ‘Skype To Go’ shall focus on global communication, you can make use of this service for making domestic calls too. The service needs Skype credit that can be purchased on Skype’s website online or a ‘Pro’ account subscription.

You can look up information on how ‘Skype To Go’ can be installed and used. It is pretty simple and the steps are easily available online.

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